André is a person of many faces. He is an artist, singer, composer, songwriter, producer, poet and multi-instrumentalist that plays guitars, bass, piano, percussion, sax and drums.

André’s interest in music begun at an early age when he studied piano. Later on he found the guitar and studied classical and electric guitar for several years. Singing was also of great interest where he learned different vocal techniques over the years.

Apart from singing and playing instruments, songwriting and music production is other of Andre’s interests.

His voice is quite distinct, strong and peculiar, possessing a wide vocal register that spans over six octaves.

He currently resides in London, UK and he is a prolific singer, songwriter, composer and producer.




When Andre started to make music he used the artistic name ADORE. Later on when he found out there was several bands with the same name he changed his name to SPINOUS. This name lasted for a couple of years when Andre realized it was better to use his full name Andre de Brito or just Andre.

Currently Andre de Brito is the name used for Andre’s main project blending pop, funk, disco, rock and even electronic music all together in an unique way. This project is currently going on !

All compositions written using music sheet or work for film music are also signed as Andre de Brito.


MEL is a project with singer Melanie Spencer involving pop and soul music where Andre is more involved with songwriting and music production. They have
released two CDs MEL has released two CDs “Give It To Me” and “New Soul”


ANGRY TALENT is Andre’s attempt to create an alternative rock band but for now is a solo project. This project channels feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration, social critique and anti-conformism, that cannot be expressed in Andre’s main project ! It’s like a different persona !

This project is currently inactive !


NEPTILOS is a chillout new age instrumental project used to express feelings of calmness and tranquility. Also a different persona from Andre’s multiple personality.

This project is currently inactive !


ARCOSINE is a electronic music dance project used to express feelings of excitment and orientated towards the dancefloor.

This project is currently inactive !