Poetry is another of Andre’s interest. He usually write poetry in portuguese, his mother language.

His first book ” Poemas Soltos” (“Loose Poems”) is available on SmashWords in both portuguese and english.

He wrote this book in 2013 between creative pauses of music writing and production. Between the silence words emerge that gave birth to this book. This book is “only” a collection of poems, with no order or subject related between them. Only pure writing, with no control or intention. The poems rarely have titles since they can easily change the meaning of the poetry.

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Cover for 'Poemas Soltos'

By Andre Brito Spinous
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Nov. 05, 2013
Words: 2,970 (approximate)
Language: Portuguese


A small collection of short poetry under the pseudonym TIAGO SILVA, can be downloaded here. It is called “POESIA CURTA” or “SHORT POETRY” which basically consists on very philosophical and concise poetry,usually one to four verses

Download it here