Hailing from the UK André de Brito aka Spinous is an artist who didn’t need much help in creating his recent release Fireball. The album was composed, produced and recorded entirely by Brito. Fireball is an eclectic upbeat party album that spews celebratory times.

I was sometimes reminded of artists such as Franz Ferdinand and LCD sound system. The first song “party has started” is the best example of this. It’s a bass and beat heavy song that features clean, crisp guitar, handclaps and an exuberant vocal performance.

On this song and many others Brito does a good job at making you feel like you’re attending the party rather than observing it. One of the highlights “queen of spades” has a French bass line not unlike that of Daft Punk. The song is a certified club thumper that is catchy and easy to groove to.

The third track “do to me “ has an especially deep kick that is almost hit too hard at times while “family” sounds like a rock/pop song and strays from the dance vibe a bit. The piano on “fireball” gives the song a more serious, contemplative tone. I thought Brito’s vocals sounded great on this track. He puts some soul and melancholy into his delivery and it works out well. My favorite line was “I’m a fireball and I’m rising to the stars.”

The album gets you back in the mood to put away your worries and let loose with “shotgun.” It’s certainly a melodic song that has a breakdown you can imagine a group of people clapping along with. Even on a slower, melancholy track like “no one like you” Brito can’t seem to resist inserting a huge deep kick drum. The song is split between guitar and vocals and an all out dance party. It’s a dichotomy that works somewhat well.

I like this album but thought the closer “don’t let me down” felt out of place. It’s a soft, melancholy piano ballad that made of all the dancing seem irrelevant. I would have liked to end the party with a bang but instead we are treated to a nostalgic whimper.

Overall, the album has a number of well-written songs that are easy to enjoy.


Spinous and his 2nd release CD, “Empathy,” offer some appetizing songs which focus on the musical styles of Pop, Funk, Electronica, and R&B. His creativity really shines as these songs are new and refreshing and the production is first rate. The infectious opener, “You Make Me Happy,” exhibits a vibrant and energetic tempo with rich sound textures that complement the distinctive vocals. The title track, “Empathy,” is infused with a bouncy beat and lyrics which are melodic and interesting. “Let’s Rock This Party,” is Electronica at its best with a dynamic layering of synth sounds and electronic beats. If you like a well blended mix of music, then you will surely enjoy the well crafted songs on the terrific album, “Empathy.”

-Diane and the Reviewer Team


“Searching For You” is the impressive debut from UK multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Spinous. This album is filled with ten catchy and groovy pop songs that draw from rock, funk, and r&b. With the exception of some of the drum and bass work, Spinous composed and performed all of the arrangements on this release, showing his skill both in layering and arranging. Spinous gives a strong vocal performance that sounds somewhere between Sting, Seal, and Prince.

The songs are catchy and melodic, with great toe-tapping beats and meaningful, memorable lyrics. Spinous also self-produced “Searching For You,” and it sounds great, his full vision fulfilled. “All I Need Is Time” begins with a nice drumbeat and keyboard work, then builds to incorporate a groovy guitar line and moves into great lyrical verse. “All The Things” is an incredibly poppy song with an energetic drumbeat, refined keyboard progressions and solos, more great lyrics, and a catchy chorus.

Overall, “Searching For You” is a great debut from Spinous, with great groovy tracks that’ll simultaneously make you want to move and sing along. Fans of groovy pop with rock, r&b, and funk influences should check Spinous out.

GODS OF MUSIC REVIEW (8.6 out of 10)

“This song has a groove that you won’t soon forget.

Probably the first thing I should mention is that I really dig Spinous’s voice. He crosses genres with this deeply powerful voice, much reminiscent of Isaac Hayes. It also blends so well with his wonderful music, which he obviously put a lot of his time into. The groove deep in the music will stick to you, and will push you into your day humming something cool. It all just seems to work well together: like this song was just meant to be heard.

The lyrics are simply written, but they say everything they need to.

Simply put, Spinous has a gift, a gift that allows him to put pen to paper and write what people feel. Then he puts it all to music that will give the listener a chance to feel free! It’s like non-judgmental therapy for the soul . . . right on, SPINOUS ! Everyone should give “Searching For You” a listen!