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Another year… another album !

After two intensive years with several adventures in between such as relocating again to another country I present you my new album VIOLET !

COMPULSIVE and CREATIVE.. two words that describe me well !

I’ve worked on over 40 songs for this new album, recorded 20 full tracks and end up choosing 9 final tracks for my new album !

I’ve played all the instruments and produced the entire new album. I love all aspects of music from songwriting, music performance and music production.

VIOLET is a junction of many musical genres from POP, FUNK, ELECTRONIC MUSIC.  I love to cross different musical backgrounds !

VIOLET represents one of my favourite colours and flowers. Being connected to nature is very important to me !

I also love to collaborate and have a couple of musical collaborations with some very dear friends of mine in my new album !

Two is always better than one !

My musical journey and artistic dream has just begun !