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Welcome to my musical world !

Music is like a ROSE, fragile yet STRONG in meaning, it can hurt you but it can also CURE your pain.

I LOVE all aspects of music!

From singing to songwriting, from music production to performing live, from playing different instruments to audio engineering.

I have no idea where this ENORMOUS curiosity comes from everything related to music and sound. It is definitely the most strongest sense I have.

Ever since I was a child, music and sound had a profound impact in my life

My musical tastes are wide from classical music to jazz , from funk to rock music.

With so many musical ideas inside my head it is hard to stick to a single musical genre and I was guilty in the past to create so much music, having no apparent direction or goal, just for the fun of it.

Recently I decided to FOCUS and take a specific route and my music is currently defined and strongly influenced by funk , pop and a bit of electronic music from Prince to Bowie, from Michael Jackson to Sting, from Peter Gabriel to Bjork.

It is like a curse being always connected to music but I considered a talent and a responsibility to SHARE with others so I can somehow help them through my music.

Let the JOURNEY begin !