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I am a multi-instrumentalist by CHANCE !

I consider myself to be a SINGER / SONGWRITER above all but playing different instruments helps me to be a BETTER singer and a BETTER songwriter

I started playing the piano at a very early age but gave up taking piano lessons. Maybe I wanted to play soccer back then ! Luckily I would pick up the piano later on. It is a FASCINATING instrument !

During my early adolescence at 12 I picked up the classical guitar and played it for over 15 years. I also took choir lessons and it seemed I had decent vocal abilities at the lower range.

At 14 or 15 I met the world of shredding electric guitar and spent literally hours and hours per day playing it. It was great FUN.

I always loved bass guitar maybe because it was a plucked instrument like classical guitar and I had that kind of affinity, playing with fingers.

I got invited to play bass in a cover band (we all know bass players are rare species) so my journey into the bass world begun.

The drums… well a close relative of mine played drums and that was it ! 🙂

I feel it is a PRIVILEGE to play several musical instruments

All the love,


PS – the top photo is me with my lovely Warwick Streamer Stage II (unfortunately I had to sell it).