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I am known for having a vast interest in music whatever musical genre it may be. I would like to SHARE with you some of my musical interests even if they are not evident in my music.


I’ve always been attracted to classical music and I’ve studied classical guitar for a long time. I think my favourite composer is BEETHOVEN because of his intensity in his compositions but I also love BACH, MOZART, CHOPIN.

I should refer other names like VILLA LOBOS and LEO BROUWER, two of my favourite composers for classical guitar


Some of the names that appeal me in the jazz world are PAT METHENY and KEITH JARRETT, both magnificent composers and instrumentalists.

Of course MILES DAVIS is a big influence as well as BOBBY MCFERRIN and SINATRA when it comes to jazz vocal expression.


Some of my music is clearly marked with funk music so JAMES BROWN, PRINCE and MICHAEL JACKSON are strong influences in my music.


From QUEEN to STING, BOWIE to HENDRIX, RHCP to EXTREME I like all sorts of music.


Other bands and artists I admire are FAITH NO MORE, SOUNDGARDEN, NINE INCH NAILS, INCUBUS, BJORK, NIRVANA, VANGELIS but nothing too heavy or noisy