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“Wicked Game” is a great song to make a cover. It has everything I like in a song: SIMPLICITY, GRACE, ELEGANCE.

I have studied advanced jazz harmony during my music education but I strongly believe GREAT music comes from SIMPLE things.

Having a SIMPLE EFFECTIVE idea is much more complicated than creating a complex harmonic melody or progression. I always give the example of the “Beethoven’s 5th Symphony”, probably the most known melody in the entire musical creation as the prime example of the effectiveness of music composition. And it is extremely hard to be SIMPLE and EXCELLENT at the same time.

Creating a cover of a music composition is always a challenge for me since I am mainly a composer/songwriter.

I wanted to do something different so I decided to do a very different chorus from the verses and choose to give it a more funky style. I also decided to play all instruments since I did not want to use backing tracks of any kind.

I also decided to do small solo in the middle of the song but instead of using guitar and decided to use a SYNTH.

I hope you have enjoyed it ! Now back to music composition since my main love is really composing my own music !

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