André de Brito is a singer, songwriter, poet, producer and multi-instrumentalist that plays guitar, bass, piano, percussion, drums among other instruments.

Raised in Portugal, André started to learn piano at a tender age. He later on started to sing and play guitar and bass guitar during his adolescence. He has studied both classical music and jazz in Lisbon (Academia and Hot Club).

André has a wide range of musical interests such as singing, songwriting, music production, sound engineering. His compositions often cross different musical genres.

André’s voice has a unique character, similar to David Bowie in his lower range and Mike Patton in the upper register with a wide vocal range.

André is quite prolific in terms of songwriting having released several albums either as a solo artist or as a part of MEL , a pop soul music project with singer Melanie Spencer.

He has lived in London for 3 years, performing in different venues such has Proud Camden and King William  and has had his music played in different radios in the UK, Portugal, Holland and the USA.

In Portugal he has played and toured extensively with his side project MEL also appearing in different TV shows and radios.

André has just released his new album “VIOLET”